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Ecommerce End-to-end: B2B and B2C solutions

Kimei Global delivers a seamless and relevant buying experience – for consumers or businesses – with end-to end commerce solutions. Our omni-channel commerce solutions can help clients to satisfy the demands of “always-on” consumers as well as increasingly complex business requirements.


Customers expect a highly relevant and seamless interaction on every touchpoint, at every time. Kimei enables clients to offer their customers a unique shopping experience and to do business the way they expect to. Kimei connects all touchpoints regardless of it is online, mobile, social, call center, or a store location and unifies the commerce processes by using flexible and adaptable platforms.



The ongoing process of consumerization changes the needs of B2B customers. They expect a highly efficient B2C-like experience when they purchase from a supplier. Kimei helps to meet these expectations by self-service and online order management tools, Web services integration to ERP solutions for enabling seamless transactions, and relationship management.



Without having the right master data management a seamless cross-channel experience is impossible. Leveraging product content and master data consistently across multiple channels is the key to meeting customer expectations. Kimei provides clients with services for implementing Web content management, cross-channel commerce, order management, and customer service solutions.



Customers expect fast and reliable order processes regardless of the channel they are using. They expect quick delivery times, flexible fulfillment, and return options. B2C Customers want to drive the purchasing process by buying online & picking them up in-store, or having the possibility to return online items at a nearby point of sale. Kimei helps clients to deliver a seamless consumer experience to their customers by implementing solutions enabling an aggregated view of all orders and supporting the logistics for an efficient fulfillment and order handling process.



Smartphones and tablets have become a mainstream shopping venue requiring robust support for product research and transactions. Kimei has got the experience to create mobile-optimized product pages, cart pages, and checkout processes. Furthermore, the Kimei portfolio contains services and solutions for Digital Marketing, Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality, and Mobile Payment, as well as the integration in Logistics and ERP systems.